1. My studio has over 200 gowns for maternity customers.

2. Session fees are due at time of booking and are listed below 

3. Session fees cover the time and talent of the photographer and all that is required to run a successful studio. Session Fees are included in the packages.

Maternity Pricing
Each pregnancy is as unique and beautiful as each expecting mama

Luxury Maternity Session $850

$400 print credit included  
3 Looks/Gowns/Backdrops
Usage of Photographer's Gowns, Fabrics & Accessories

Access to Angel Wings, throne chair, carriage free of charge choose one

(Studio Pregnancy, Siblings and Partners included)

Classic Maternity Session $650

- (Studio Pregnancy, Siblings and Partners included)

- Included $300 Print credit 
- 2 Looks/Gowns
- Usage of Photographer's Gowns, Fabrics & Accessories

Simple Maternity Session $450

(only Mom)

Included $250 print credit 
1 Look/Gown/Backdrop
Usage of Photographer's Gowns, Fabrics & Accessories

*if you want to add another backdrop and dress you need to

upgrade your package to the classic maternity session.


 - Should you choose to cancel your session retainer fee is non-refundable.

 - All sessions require a $150 non refundable retainer fee(is applied towards the cost of the session). Remaining balance is due the day of     the session.*If additional installments are needed, please feel free to ask. We can easily set up a payment plan!

-  For sessions, you will decide on A la carte options for prints, books, canvases, metallic.

-  Clients will receive free the digital negatives(1200x1800 pixels) optimized for social media with print purchase (with logo).

-  All Print Purchased will be edited by Elizabeth Aleman 

-  Please call the studio for our prints, canvases, books and ala carte or digital pricing.

-  Pregnancy sessions usually take about an hour when in the studio, and a bit longer on location.

-  Pregnancy sessions are best between 7-8 months (27-33 weeks). Please plan ahead and schedule at least a few weeks before.

-  Partners and children are always welcome to participate in the session.

-  Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.

-  At no time are RAW images included in any packages. 

-  All ordering appointments are handled in our studio.  I can schedule as early as 5-7 days after your session.

-  All packages include either an in-studio session or outdoor session. If you would like to do both, please refer to the add ons below.

-  Locations such as the Parks or Lakes in Milwaukee. For areas outside Milwaukee additional charges may apply.

- For weekend days add a $100 premium fee. Weekdays are priced as seen on my website


-Once a sale is complete, it cannot be altered. Unless, a bigger size is desired. 

- Reservation deposits must be paid within a week. If it is not paid your reservation will be opened for another customer


(Only applies 3 weeks before your session, after 3 weeks you need to book another session)

- LATE FEE $100 (After 30minutes late) 


                                                                                          Add Ons                                                               

















































If you booked a studio session but would also like a couple photos outdoors, or vice versa, this add on will give you 10-15 more minutes of shoot time in/outdoor 
Outdoor location is near the studio


Add extra dress/backdrop for the Classic or Luxury packages 

Add another look/gown/background to your session. 

$50 PER

Add extra dress/backdrop for Simple package

Add another look/gown/background to your session. 

$100 PER


Add Angel Wings...... $200
(ivory, pink or gray) copy.jpg

Makeup and Hair

 Is at an additional charge provided by Ale Maquillista. 

Location Makeup and hair at the studio $180, her location $150.  Feel free to call her:  (262) 385 - 3446

Add Throne Chair


Body Foil


Add Bathtub as a backdrop


Add Vintage baby carriage set up


Add Boho chair with pampas grass


Add Bird cage with flowers


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When will we receive our photos?

You will receive  your images 3-4 weeks after your session.

How many pictures will we receive?

You will received only the ones you buy using your print credit. If you would like digital packages I do offer a Digital Images package, please check What is print credit. 

When should I book my session?

I would suggest booking your maternity session at your earliest convenience. Maternity sessions are photographed between 27-33 weeks into pregnancy, and I tend to book up a few months ahead.